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Hi, I’m Ruolin, a Beijinger visual designer currently based in New York, also a proud SVA MFA Design alum. 
Food and anime fanatic.
Happy to work together!

Contact for resume and unpublished works. 


Cooking Education Platform
Branding, UIUX, Event Experience

Soyum is a cooking education platform that popularizes homemade Chinese food through sessions conducted by hand-selected contemporary chefs with unique perspectives of Chinese cuisine. By transforming intimidation to fascination, we bring real Chinese food to every kitchen. ︎

Moontower Festival

Comedy Festival
A collaboratibe project with Rohan Rege, Bill Chien, Brandon Joseph, and Fay Qiu

Moontower Comedy Festival happens grandly every year at the historic Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Its current identity? Not so grand. Inspired by the classical revivalist structure, Art Deco style motifs and showbiz culture, our rebranding solution is a contemporary spin on the red carpet comedy event. The ingredients? An elegant wordmark, larger than life illustrations, radiating patterns, a rich color palette, and a hot hot serif. The identity is held together by a modular grid system and aims to do justice to the legacy of the Paramount Theatre while keeping things in the now. ︎

Renegade Craft

Event Poster Series

Renegade Craft is a curated fair of artist goods. The design revolves around the vibrant orange color, an italic serif font used for event location and time information, and a grid system. Every element used in the posters either come straight from the event or inspired by it so the final result makes sense. The balance between variety and unity of typography conveys the business of the marketplace as well as the delicacy of the handcrafts. ︎


Print, Editorial
Orm is a publication that revolves
around animals and monsters portrayed in ancient history.

The articles featured seek to offer insight and reflection upon public domain works and the often overlooked histories surrounding myths and legends — especially quirky and hidden ones. From the medieval imagination to modern cryptozoology, you will be amazed by the fascinating story of these creatures.

The overall design focuses on finding a perfect balance between the old and the contemporary style, and it is as unconventional as the subject. ︎

A Gift to MTA Riders

Newsstand Postcard
Print, Campaign
Supervised by Stefan Sagmeister, this project was to design a sentence I had learned in life and made it go public.

I first heard the sentence “A city is as open as your mouth is“ at the Big Apple Church in NYC (The Trader Joe’s cashier whom I touched heart from a previous project invited me to this church). The person who said it learned the sentence from his experience on the subway, so I intended to refer my design back to NYC subway, and that’s why I decided to adopt the mosaic tile style.

I printed out my design on 100 postcards and sent them out to newsstands at different MTA stations where people stop by can take them for free. I hope the design could encourage people to initiate conversations with each other because communication has the power to open and widen our world. ︎


Boston University, Communication/Advertising

Keio University, Exchange Program

School of Visual Arts, MFA Design: Designer as Entrepreneur



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